Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Story And Rosacea-Ltd

I was diagnosed with rosacea 20 years ago. At first it just looked like I had been out in the sun too long & my nose was red. My doctor prescribed Metrogel, and I used it daily. Of course, this was early Rosacea & my red nose would come & go & sometimes I'd be just fine. I don't think the Metrogel did any good for me. As the years went by my rosacea got worse. The redness became more constant & then I developed P&P. Oral antibiotics helped, but I didn't think it was wise to continue with them for too long. Then I heard about azealic acid & was able to order Skinoren (20% azealic acid) online. Within a week I noticed a big improvement & continued to use it for about 5 years with success. Then for some reason my rosacea started to get worse & that's when I found this group. For awhile I was considering IPL. I went for a consultation & was surprised that they would have to treat my whole face when only my nose was a problem. That sounded a little drastic to me. Also after doing a little research, I discovered that IPL would not be a good procedure for me since I have a bleeding disorder.That's when I decided to order the LTD. The directions advised me to discontinue with all skincare products for 2 weeks before starting & to use neutrogena moisturizing bar soap for sensitive skin & a drop of jojoba oil spread on my wet hands & then applied to my wet face. In addition, I was advised to avoid the sun and to drink LOTS of cold water. It was scary to discontinue using the azealic acid & my regular sunscreen moisturizer and my nose started to look worse; however the rest of my face was doing very well with using neutrogena & jojoba. I was counting down the 14 days until I could start using the disk.The first few times I used the tan disk, it was a little irritating, but that passed & then after a few weeks I started noticing improvement. I haven't started to use the light colored disk yet (I was advised to wait for one month). I look in the mirror now & am amazed to see that I look pretty close to normal. This is a big relief to me since I have to deal with the public at my work. The Ltd came with a list showing foods that are good & foods that are bad for rosacea. I haven't really followed that. I have learned from experience that black pepper & really spicy or hot foods can be a trigger for me, so I try to avoid them. I'm suspecting that bananas are also a trigger. Someone else recommended a face visor which I bought & have found it not only shields me from the sun (a universal trigger), but also the wind which is a big trigger for me. I am still drinking lots of icy cold water which helps me stay cool in the south Texas heat. It was 104 degrees today! I carry a thermos to work & sip on it throughout the day. It also helps when I have to get into my hot car at the end of the work day. I am very pleased that the LTD is working for me. Thanks to all who have posted with helpful ideas & good luck to all those still searching for a treatment.