Monday, September 05, 2005

Rosacea-Ltd Does What It Promises

Your product has been just fantastic at helping to control my acne.
My skin condition began as rosacea but over time has become more like acne which develops as a tender spot on my face first, and if I don't get to it with the Rosacea Ltd right away, degrades to a large, painful pustule with pus. It often occurs as three pustules. At that point it just has to run it's course unfortunately.
I've been following your program for the past five years: washing my face with Neutrogena gentle cleansing soap, applying the LTD disk at the first sign of a problem, drinking plenty of water and I've switched to the linear razor recommended by you. The program works.
In addition to the now very occasional outbreak, I have ulcerative colitis and take mesalamine/Pentasa daily. I suspect this can add to my system's acidity. On its own, though, it doesn't seem to affect the skin condition.
I seem to notice outbreaks when I go through periods of high sugar intake and juice (limeade). I can't behave myself all the time.
But that's my story. Thank you very much for a product that actually does what's promised. It's why I've been a faithful user (and cheerleader) for the past five years.

~D. Heslop