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[rosacea] Who uses Rosacea Ltd disks here??
From: The Lucey Weinhold Family
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 19:35:21
Simon Harrington wrote:

> Are they any good?
> Hearing from anyone that uses them would be a great help.

Hi Simon ---
I do, I do! Here's my story:
I had rosacea for years without realizing it. I just thought it was a
peculiar sort of acne and treated it accordingly --- doing all the wrong
things, naturally, i.e., scrubs, peeling masks, alcohol-based cleansers
--- yowie! It just got worse and worse. About 12 years ago, my doctor
looked at my rash and offhandedly prescribed cortisone cream, assuring
me that this would "make it go away" --- it just grew worse and worse.
(I got disgusted and threw away the cortisone cream after about a week,
thank goodness.) By the time a friend said to me "You know, Pat, I
think you have rosacea", I had a flaming red face almost all the time,
with rashy-looking papules on my forehead, temples, cheeks and chin,
behind my ears, and creeping past my hairline into my scalp. The
constant itching and burning were driving me crazy, and I looked a mess.
After my friend's extremely helpful remark, I researched
"rosacea" on
the 'Net and discovered in approximately 5 minutes' time that yes,
indeed, this is EXACTLY what afflicted me. I quickly happened upon the
Rosacea-LTD site, immediately ordered the disks, impatiently drummed my
fingers on the table until they arrived, and set about using them
religiously as soon as they arrived.
I didn't notice much of a change for about a week, but then I
discovered that I wasn't getting any new papules, and that the redness
in my face was starting to fade. It improved every week after that.
After about a year of daily use, my breakouts were confined to my cheeks
and chin, with occasional dots on my nose after a particularly bad
flush. The condition of my skin continues to improve (I've been using
the disks for 3 years now), but it's not just the disks, although they
help quite a bit. I've also become increasingly aware of my "flushing
cycles", my triggers and how to avoid or minimize them, and my general
health. The one "lifestyle factor" that has helped me more than
anything is my dedicated guzzling of 8 - 10 glasses of water each day
--- it definitely keeps me from flushing as frequently or as severely
--- although I'm also very careful about what I eat and drink. (I had
to reluctantly give up my precious glass of Cabernet with dinner (sob!),
but after some cautious experimentation, I discovered that I can safely
sip a sissy-strength mixed drink like a margarita or a weak screwdriver
without flushing. Life has its occasional compensations.....)
I'd like to contribute a bit more information that can help you
decide whether you want to try the disks or not: first, my skin tends
to be oily, and is not nearly as delicate as some of the skin types I've
been reading about in this forum. Yes, it's sensitive, but I've never
reacted to the Rosacea-LTD disks at all, and I know others with more
sensitive complexions have reported that the disks irritated their
faces. And the other thing I'd like to stress is that the good results
take time and conscientious use --- these disks weren't a quick fix for
me, but I consider them a very good natural alternative to the more
medicalized solutions like antibiotics. I'm willing to accept
occasional episodes of flushing and breakouts --- I've mentioned before
that I get my most dramatic rosacea episodes during PMS time --- because
at its absolute worst, my rosacea is now SO much better than it was
three years ago that a bit of blotchiness now and then or a few spots
don't seem like much of a trial to me.
And someone else mentioned the cost, which is amazingly low
with some of the other therapies available. My first order actually
lasted for 2 years --- I used the yellow disk every evening and the pink
one every morning.
Sorry to ramble on so, but I think all the details I've included
be helpful to those who are trying to decide whether this product will
work for them or not.
Pat Lucey, a satisfied Rosacea-LTD user