Thursday, September 22, 2005


Why not try Rosacea LTD? I had very oily skin with rosacea and it, with a lot of water consumption, basically cured me. When I tried it my face was red and there were hard bumps, and I was being kept up at night with a burning sensation. I decided to give the product give a whirl before trying more expensive/invasive methods of treatment. They offer a money back guarantee so there is no monetary risk. I have no affiliation whatsoever with the company or its officers, BTW.

I'd love to see the doctors who are here on thesupport board get more conversant with the product and comment on *why* they think it works for some folks. I recall when I saw my own doctor, an internist, after using it for a while. He was amazed at the difference, and recommended it to his other patients who suffered from the malady. He mentioned to me during my next checkup that a lot had been helped.Especially when I hear about oily skin as part of the symptoms, I think that the treatment is worth a try.