Friday, August 19, 2005

My Results Using Rosacea-Ltd

From the Rosacea Support Group Archives:
From: Date: Sun Feb 21, 1999 8:05 pm Subject: [rosacea] re discs

As others have mentioned the company bass and boney are very helpful to people with rosacea. The president also called me within one hour of my order to discuss my condition so he could determine what he should send me. One thing I have learned is that you must have a wet I mean dripping wet face and you apply the rosacea disc very lightly just barely touching the skin, if you see a brownor any color on your face you have used too much. If I use too much I get dry itchy skin otherwise within half an hour the redness is calmed right down and then I apply my moisturizer ( I use complex 15 in the tube) then wait and use my foundation. I only use the brown disc Ralph(the president of rosacea-ltd company) told me to use it gradually once a day for one week I waited two weeks because I was scared of a big reaction. Then my skin was used to the discs and I tried the yellow one. I got huge red bumps next day that took weeks to go away. I waited a week tried it again same thing happened so I just forgot about the yellow disc. I have talked to other people and they say the same about the yellow (it has more sulfur) in it and I am allergic to sulfur drugs so I was really worried about using the rosacea discs but topically is supposed to be different than internally. I really find them better than the metrogel. In Canada where I live we can not get suferacet lotion and some of the other stuff you get in the states. By the way I can tell you these discs last forever just remember to dry them off and reverse the sides each use. Susan