Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rosacea Limited Discs

From the Rosacea Support Group Treatment Archives:

Re: rosacea limited discs
From: Carol Voigt
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 20:54:12
Hi Mary!
I'm back to using my trusty old discs. I use the brown disc; the yellow
discs don't seem to do that much for me--in fact, I think they may trigger
the famous "bumpiness" that we all love so much. Using Dr Linda Sy's
program of rinsing then applying a couple of drops of her safflower/jojoba
oil combo stems any drying or irritating tendencies the discs might have. I
think the brown discs do a good job of controlling the rosacea, and when I
go to reorder, I'll simply specify that I want the brown discs, only.. A
zinc product that I like (best for me) is the Reviva Oily Skin Night Cream,
which can be found in health food stores--now, I have not tried the yellow
disc (sulfur) with the zinc oxide cream; you've given me an idea! Thanks!
Hope this helps,

Mary Bromage wrote:
For those of you using the Rosacea Limited Discs have you had success
 with them? Is there one disc that causes less dryness than the other? I
 would like to try them but I am concerned about overdrying my skin. Is
 like to find something that has sulfer and zinc oxide in it that can be used on the whole face without causing the skin to dry out alot. Any
 suggestions would be appreciated.