Sunday, October 09, 2005

Rosacea-Ltd Produced Results!

Had persistent red inflamed cheeks for the past few years due to sun abuse. I played tennis all my life in South Florida, been to the beach countless times without proper sunscreen protection and those years began to take their visible toll in my early 30's. I had at least 1 persistent large (painful) papule that would travel back and forth from each side of each cheek about every 2 weeks or so, no matter how clean I kept my skin. I had been using Mario Badescu skin care products (NYC-based salon to the stars) to control the redness, but my condition seemed to be getting progressively worse. Until this point, I really thought the condition was permanent sunburned skin.
I finally saw a dermatologist to be diagnosed (he said I had rosacea), and put me on metrocream and tetracycline. Once I had been diagnosed, I did hours and hours of research and read everything I could about the condition. Came across this site and all the positive reviews and thought to myself, "there has got to be something about Rosacea-LTD because the reviews are so "passionate." You can't deny passion. So I ordered the product because I really did want a natural alternative to prescription medication that many claim might not continue working past 5 months.
After 6 weeks of treament from the Metrocream and Tetracyline, I began using jojoba oil and the Rosacea LTD discs. At first, my skin reacted poorly - flaring badly and felt raw. Kept trying for a few days, and decided to return it. Called Bass and Boney to discuss a refund, got lucky and spoke to Ralph Bass who spent a generous amount of time walking me through the steps to a healthy skin recovery. I told him that I'd give it another chance.
I can't tell you how grateful I am that I did. The nature of the ingredients of the product are such that it takes the skin time to adjust to the discs. Once the skin can tolerate the (brown) disc (apply a little at a time), there is no longer any reaction once it touches my face (I dab it on for about 5-7 seconds on each side of the inside check area. About 10 minutes after drying - the redness is SUBSTANTIALLY faded away! The site says the disc contains the natural PH balance of healthy skin - and after 5 weeks of consistent use (morning and night), my skin actually looks healthy! No more flaring red blotchy sun-burned cheeks and nose! 5 weeks have gone by and also (thankfully) no more annoying papules. Just like many other users who've made similar posts - I felt I had to tell others about how good this product works. If you are reading this, then your're probably considering treating your condition with this product. DO IT! Give it time, and you will be rewarded with healthier skin. I am both very relieved, and happy to have found a treatment that has whipped my skin back into line after many years of persistent facial redness, and papules.
A few observations on my road to recovery. First, definitely use the Neutrogena moisturizing soap in combination with the disc. Initially, remember to go slow and apply a very little bit. The skin needs about a week to 2 weeks to adapt to the disc. You might see some weird skin irritations along the way, but it DOES clear up. Have patience. Once it does clear up, it remains clear and the redness fades considerably. While you're skin won't look like a baby's, it will get much closer to the skin you've had years ago before the condition progressed. After about 4 weeks of brown disc use, try the yellow/white disc at night only - and remember to DAB it on - do not rub or even glide. The dab effect will work just as well on wet skin. After the skin accepts the yellow/white disc, you'll be amazed at the results.
Thanks so much Bass and Boney! I'm looking forward to the look I'll have after years of using this product. Because if my skin has healed this well after 5 only weeks, I can only imagine how I'll feel after months and years of use.

'thanks, Michael