Friday, October 14, 2005

Rosacea and Me

I was tired of exercising, hot days, hot showers and talking to people. This was mainly due to my condition. I would get flare ups without notice and would realize that this would be happening due to the burning, swelling feeling I would get around my nose, cheek area, eyebrows and mustache. This condition would make my social life hell. I was afraid to stare at someone or even hold a conversation. My wife said I looked fine, but you know how loved ones could be. I am 29 yrs old and have used it all. I currently use Denorex for my scalp because it is a great shampoo that eliminates that itching feeling I have on my head. NOW THE GOOD PART. This product is WONDERFUL. I have been using it for about 2 weeks and after the first night of using the tan bar, the next morning I noticed results. The redness was 95% gone. I was freaked out because I have never seen my face like this for a number of years and didn't know what to think. The Neutrogena soap is great, you can feel it working. The jojoba oil is a key ingredient to helping, along with the water intake. I still drink a lot of beer, run, exercise, play ball, eat whatever I want, BUT I DRINK ABOUT 15-20 12oz glasses of water a day. THIS IS WHAT IS KEY TO IMPROVING YOUR SKIN. MY SKIN SHINES, MY WEIGHT HAS GONE DOWN (I WAS NEVER OVERWEIGHT TO BEGIN WITH)overall I feel better. I cannot express enough how this product really, really works. The cust. service and prompt delivery makes the 98.00 (no tax) great. I don't even use the tan bar that often any longer. Only when I feel the need to. If anyone wants to ask me questions, please do. This product is worth it. I can blow my nose w/out have a build up of white crust on my mustache, I can talk to people face to face and even have gotten comments about my skin. Sorry I have rambled on but this product is simply wonderful and my dermatologist simply told me that he never referred me to because he would loose me as a patient and guess what, he was right. Please use this if you were like me, depressed and red faced.