Friday, February 25, 2005

Rosacea-Ltd is a Solution for Rosacea!

I'm not the type to write in about anything, but knowing the frustration of dealing with Rosacea, and seeing how much this product has helped me, I thought I should write in so that others can be helped too. I was surfing the web rather desperately trying to find some new treatments for Rosacea (MetroCream didn't help), and I came across

It's kind of a funky looking web page, and right or wrong, I was skeptical. The reason I decided to try the product was because the only dandruff shampoo that I've found that works for me (and works great) is Sebulex, which has as its active ingredient Sulfur, which is also found in the Rosacea-LTD product.

Anyway, bottom line, I saw results with a few days. Waking up with inflamed facial skin is behind me know thanks to these guys - what a relief. They also provide some lifestyle hints (diet, hydration, acidity, supplementation) that is relevant and genuinely effective. I didn't have to take advantage of the money-back-guarantee, but my feeling is that they will honor it if it doesn't work for you. But I think it will work for most, and I think you should give it a try if you're still looking for a solution to your Rosacea!

p.s. Ease into using the stronger disk just as they suggest, or you might experience stinging and actually increased redness at first! But either way, your skin should grow accustomed to the treatment and you won't feel a thing, especially once your skin starts to heal (yes, this stuff can control the Rosacea and allow your skin to HEAL - a nice prospect when the cumulative damage that Rosacea is doing to your skin starts to really show). Once you've tamed your Rosacea, you might be able to maintain control of it (as I am able to now) by using just the milder disk.