Thursday, February 03, 2005

Rosacea-Ltd Works Beautifully

I have had rosacea for about 8 years, went on medication with little results. Trying to cope with this I went to the internet and decided to try this product, it was a week before Christmas. On Christmas day my mother noticed right away how much better my skin was. At first when you put on the brown disc, it burns a little and it actually got redder but as it dried my red face was a pink. Now its been almost three months and I don't even need to wear makeup, that is unbelivable, this product is truly a miracle. Also, I want to add, they tell you not to use the yellow disc for 60 days - follow the directions because if you use it early if will only irratate it. But when it's the right time for the yellow disc it works beautifully. Never in a million years did I think anything would work, let alone within a day when you see results. Good luck believe me its worth it.