Friday, February 18, 2005

Rosacea-Ltd is a Safe, Effective Treatment for Rosacea

After seeing my skin condition worsen for about one year, I finally saw a physician to confirm my diagnosis of rosacea. My physician prescribed a rather potent medication used for parasitic infections as a first line of treatment. Before beginning on medication, I search the web and found the Rosacea-ltd website. I found your webpage very professional and informative so I reluctantly ordered your product.
I made the lifestyle changes you recommend, I used the cleansing bar you recommend, and I applied the two mineral bars as directed. After three weeks of treatment, I am now completely cleared of my rosacea symptoms. Skin blemishes have disappeared completely, and the thick callous-like skin texture on my nose has gradually melted into a normal skin tone. Your product has greatly exceeded my most optimistic expectations.
I hope that someone will eventually find a cure for this disorder, but I am so thrilled to be free from the symptoms of rosacea. And the lifestyle changes you recommend will also improve my overally well-being. I can certainly say that I am feeling better about myself than I have in a long, long time. A thousand thanks for an inexpensive, safe, and effective treatment.
Sincerely, Jay Snell