Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Excellent Luck With Rosacea Ltd.

I am having excellent luck with the Rosacea Ltd. disks; better luck than with Cleocin, Retin-A, doxycycline (allergic to), tetracycline (just OK) and erythromycin, which didn't seem to help at all (no difference in skin).

An interesting effect occured with me quite recently. I had been placed on a prescription for Fosamax since I'm showing some "bone thinning" in myDEXA scans. I must be allergic to the Fosamax--I thought, at first, Iwas having a really terrible "flare-up" of rosacea; then I figured that the "flare up" began about the time I started this prescription.

Withintwo days of quitting the medication, the blobby hivelike rash on my facewas beginning to look a lot better; within a week, it was 100% gone. I'd be interested in knowing if allergy to certain meds have been mistaken for a rosacea flare up.

The disks, I think, are helping to make less noticeable, the smallcapillaries too! This is great because I suspect those little veins act as "fertilizer" for outcroppings of zits.........T.Voigt