Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Thank God for Rosacea-Ltd.

Hi, My names paul from United Kingdom (Great Britain) im aged 41 and from the age of 16 people kept saying " why is your face red" or " look at him, he's gone all red", i did not know the cause but it upset me. Like every body else who later find out its called Rosacea, the docters are no help because there is no cure or interest in a cure from them.

Thank God for Rosacea - ltd III, one day I was so fustrated with my skin and just out of a relationship i came across Rosacea- ltd III's web site. The dated 1950's lookng picture on the web site nearly put me off and the price, but i was so down i would try anything and i have in the past to my cost.

The product does work and very well, so good in fact since using it not one comment about a red face. I feel so good in myself i had to share my happiness with you.

You must follow the products instructions which is drink 8 cold cups of water aday limit trigger foods( i know they all say that) and exercise stress relieving exercises i.e Tia Chi or Yoga and i found recently exercise on a ellipticall m/c one which exercises your legs like a bicycle and moves your arms back and forwards while you are in a up right position for about 15min a day. this exercise made me sweat but is making my skin all most perfect, i know strange but true.

P.s i also take bilberry tablets for my eyes in high concentration which works.

Many thanks, Paul Healey