Monday, December 13, 2004

Rosacea Is Just A Memory

It's been a year since I started using Rosacea-Ltd and I really should have written nine months ago. That was the last time I had any sign of rosacea.

I'd been seeing a dermatologist for ten years and everything she gave me only made things worse.

I hated looking at my face each morning wondering what new things had popped up over night. The alcohol based Cetaphil soap and Metrogel only aggravated the situation.

In desperation, I went web surfing and found this product. Within two days of using the Cetaphil bar soap and Jojoba oil, my face was better. Follow the advise to start slowly with the Rosacea-Ltd III. I started too fast and had to back off, but patience paid off. In one month, I was a new person and in three, rosacea was just a bad memory.

I know every face is different, but this sure worked for me. I'm no longer afraid of the mirror in the morning!