Tuesday, December 07, 2004

My Success

I had read so many posts on different groups and forums about Rosacea-Ltd but I was in my comfort zone with metrogel and tetracycline, so I read but didn't give it much thought.
But as so many others have probably discovered after a few months, the metros and antibioitcs quit working. This leaves you with the option of laser or something else. As I tried to educate myself on other treatment options I kept finding that every treatment seemed to have side effects that caused redness, irritation and itching. How can a product that causes the symptoms I have, treat the symptoms I have?
I decided to re-read the Rosacea-Ltd site and then with the ingredient list in hand, checked to see what the ingredients were supposed to do for the skin. What I found was that these ingredients didn't cause any of the symptoms I was trying to treat!
I've been using the disks now for eight months. I'm still on my first order, the disks seem to last a really long time. My rosacea is greatly improved, in fact yesterday a co-worker complimented me on what beautiful skin I had! They should have seen me a year ago.