Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I thought my Rosacea was Hopeless....

I had only been using the brown disc for about a week, along with the cetaphil soap & jojoba oil, and in that short time I could already see such a difference in the tone, texture and condition of my face!! I would never had expected to see results like this so quickly. I keep checking my skin in the mirror to see if maybe I am mistaken, but I'm not!!

I am 57 and have suffered from rosacea for the past 10-12 years, couldn't tolerate the traditional treatments and felt pretty hopeless about this condition. I have lots of broken capillaries, large pores, flaking, and irritated skin and already my pores seem smaller, the capillaries seem less red and I have had less difficulty in covering up my facial "blemishes" when putting on makeup in the morning. This truly seems to be a "miracle" product.

I had originally purchased this product as a gift for my 30 year old son, who seemed to be developing the tell-tale "red-face" of rosacea, and was feeling self-conscious. I recently had a visit from my son about 2 months after I sent him this product, and I could tell such a big difference in the condition and color of his skin that I decided to order some for myself! My 34 year old daughter and my 80 year old mother also suffer from Rosacea and I am recommending this product to them.

I had hesitated ordering this product for myself, as I thought my condition was pretty much untreatable, and I now am feeling so optimistic about my skin's future. Thank you for this wonderful product and all the information you make available to your customers!
I would urge anyone with rosacea to try this, you will not be disappointed.

~Pamela G.