Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Rosacea-Ltd is Easy to Use

I started using your Rosacea product approximately four years ago and I am very, very pleased with the results thus far.

Prior to using your product and adopting your lifestyle recommendations, I was being treated by a dermatologist. The primary treatment protocol consisted of twice daily applications of Metrogel and hydrocortisone cream with a nightly application of glycolic acid. This was supplemented by occasional facial masks. Even though the condition improved, I reached a point of no further progress. My cheeks were still deeply red. Also, it felt as if my skin could not "breathe" because it always had at least two layers of medication on it and consequently my skin never felt normal.

After about four or five years following the dermatologist's recommendations I found your product. The improvement with your product was quick. After some time, the deep redness faded away. Now, my cheeks are a slight pink instead of red. Furthermore, the periodic breakouts of pustules and papules are greatly diminished in size and frequency and recovery is much faster when breakouts occur. Furthermore, now my skin feels normal.

Your product is very easy to use and inexpensive (significantly cheaper than dermatologist visits and their products). I would strongly, and without hesitation, recommend Rosacea III to anyone with rosacea. Plus, your customer service is efficient and friendly. And your web site needs special comment. It is chock full of valuable information, intelligently organized and easy to navigate.

Your lifestyle recommendations are excellent. I never knew and my dermatologist never mentioned, that I had sebaceous dermatitis but after implementing one of your lifestyle recommendations regarding jojoba oil, the condition greatly improved. Who would ever have thought that the application of one to two drops of jojoba oil would calm down that condition, moisturize my face and make my skin feel supple? It really nourishes my skin and is incredibly inexpensive.

Also, the other lifestyle recommendation which is critically important is drinking enough water. Very basic, but often neglected. Keep up the good work. I am more than happy to share my results with anyone you choose and am willing to help your efforts to get your product more widely accepted.


John Panozzo Berkeley, California