Monday, November 15, 2004

My Rosacea-Ltd Miracle!

This is an absolute miracle!! After using the Rosacea Ltd.-III, the very next morning there was a visable difference in my complexion. Considering that I had a horrible rebound reaction from discontinuing the steroid cream I had been using, it was truly amazing.

The Minocycline also helped clear that but starting the Rosacea Ltd-III was the answer. I was certainly not a good candidate for long term treatment with antibiotics and steroids so this is a God-send for me.

Thank God you have the real answer for rosacea. I am telling everyone, that will listen, about Rosacea Ltd-III and for them to pass the word on to people who have rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, etc.

People are truly amazed when they see the difference it has made in my skin. I was very concerned about the disfigurement and facing my later years with this horrible malady. The golden years didn't look so golden for me. The treatment is certainly a time saving device. It takes me half the time I use to spend putting on my makeup. And even with the additional time I spent before trying to cover-up with special cover-up makeup, I couldn't cover it very good. I started the treatment around December 7, 2001. My skin just gets better all the time. It has not been this clear and smooth in many years.

Also, spicy foods really do not seem to bother much now----maybe one or two at the most---little tiny pinpoint red places. I use to nearly always have a big red spot right on the end of my nose and so sore!!

I do hope the dermatologists are open to this treatment. Would save a lot of heartbreak. I would certainly be glad to bear witness to your product. I asked four doctors about my skin condition and none of them ever mentioned rosacea. I questioned them because I knew this was sometimes a forerunner of lupus erythematosis. As you said, this probably started from taking the steroids years back. I would like to say that I do drink plenty of icy cold water but now even on days when I cannot drink a lot of water it does not make my rosacea flare. This is not to say that it does not do good because it does.

I just feel very fortunate that I am doing so well and am not having any setbacks. I feel very comfortable getting out in public now.....I don't look diseased anymore. It has been a really exciting and haappy experience. THANK YOU---THANK YOU!!!!!! You may use my e-mail address: Sincerely, Anita Glass Personal letter you sent with treatment was dated November 26,2001. I am on a crusade to get the word out about Rosacea Ltd-III.