Thursday, October 28, 2004

Beautiful Skin

Most people have some physical trait(s) that are considered attractive or even beautiful. For me, one of my best physical traits has always been my skin. For most of my adult life, people have complimented me on my beautiful skin.

Imagine my chagrin, frustration and utter dismay at having this flushing, redness and rashiness begin to develop! On the advice of a dermatologist, I used Desowen cream for a while, then I heard that you shouldn't use steriods. So I used Metro gel and lotion for a time, but not only did they never really work well, they ceased to work at all.

Finally, my face was covered with a very sensitive rash and I was at my wit's end. I got on the internet and found Rosacea-Ltd!

Not only did I get some of the BEST information I had ever found on the subject, I ordered the product. Within two to three weeks, my face was almost completely cleared of the rosacea! It is four months later and my face is still clear, plus there is much less general redness.

Now, imagine my absolute and utter joy and excitement at finding a product that works so well, is inexpensive, easy to use, has no side effects and does not require a prescription!

One final word: I find that Clinique products work great with this stuff as they have many products for sensitive skin.

Catherine Perron