Friday, October 29, 2004


I must say I was skeptic when I decided to order my Rosacea Ltd product. But after 14 years of suffering with this condition, and many perscriptions later, I was extremely depressed with the non-effectiveness of the products my doctors had me try over the years.

I had tried Metro-gel to no success, finally ending up on a long term regime of oral antibiotics (Tetracycline) and cleocin-T, which even combined together gave me very little relief.

My basic symptom was bumpy feeling skin, esp. on my forehead and sides of my face, and reddish skin (esp. cheeks) and dilated vessels on my nose and out from the sides of my nose. And it itched alot, and NOT from dry skin.

I always use a very good moisturizer (and I would share that find with anyone who wants to know, it seems to work so well in conjunction with the Rosacea ltd product), so even though I had been told that itchy skin in those areas was not a typical symptom, I never had had itchy skin until the rosacea started, and it drove me crazy!

And long term use of an antibiotic, esp when it didn't help much, was beginning to concern me. Well, they all went in the trash within 2 weeks of starting the Rosacea Ltd product. I was that convinced after only 2 weeks that the new product was far superior for treating my skin condition than anything I had ever tried before over the 14 years.

And the dilated veins are almost all but gone, the itchy is gone, and my skin no longer feels bumpy. And it worked being tested initially during the greatest challenge I face yearly, summer sun, heat and dry wind that is so prevalent in my area of California.

Normally I wouldn't bother to take the time to write a company back about their product if I liked it. I would just keep using it, and that would be my testiment to it. But I know how lousey this condition can make you feel, both physically and emotionally, and if I can encourage anyone else suffering out there to give this a try, then my few minutes spent writing this was well worth it. What have you got to lose, except maybe the suffering?
Thanks Rosacea-Ltd!


Debbie Gallegos (45 year old "Soccer Mom".)