Monday, November 01, 2004

Improve Your Rosacea By Determining Your Priorities

I work in the film business as a stunt man.

I have had rosacea for over 30 years. I purchased Rosacea-Ltd. After only 5 days of using it I notice a 50% difference in my skin tone being not as red. I don't know how to thank you. I would have paid double for the results I have just gotten.

I can't wait for the sixty days to go by to use the yellow disc. I will even send you before and after pictures when that time comes. Thanks again.

It is easy to see what your priorities are. Just take a look around. You have made the choices which have brought you to exactly where you are right now. Those choices have been based on your true priorities.

Though you may claim to follow other priorities, the ones which truly guide your actions are the ones which are evidenced by the life you've created for yourself. The results you get are based on the choices you make, and those choices are guided by your priorities.

Take a look around. What are your priorities? Where have they led you? Should you continue with those same priorities or is it perhaps time for a change?

The way to change your priorities is to continually remind yourself of their power. Your priorities determine the actions you take, and those actions determine the course of your life.
Look at the results your priorities have produced, and adjust those priorities as necessary to keep you moving forward toward the life you desire.

~Wally Crowder
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