Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Not A Recommendation To Buy - A Testimonial To A Product That Works!

After the birth of our son and the huge amount of stress we were under with his special needs, I developed rosacea. I tried for a year to find products that might work--everything from dr. prescribed to over the counter to bag balm! I was desperate to find something, as I was tired of people asking if I had a sunburn or what happened to your face--the stress of this made it even worse. I searched the internet and found the rosacea-ltd products. It all made sense, the diet part, water consumption and product. I started and followed the directions, however, the soap recommended did not work with my skin. I found another that did and after about 5 weeks I started to notice a real difference. After 6 months it had faded greatly and now after 2 years it is gone. Once in a while, if I don't drink enough water or watch my diet I'll get a flair up, but my fault. The products just zap the life out of the rosacea. It was worth the cost and they last a long, long time. In fact, I think the combination of the jojoba oil, water and products make my skin look years younger. My physician tried to help me in the beginning with prescriptions, etc., to no avail. I went in for an appointment a few months ago and the first thing she noticed was my skin, she said, "it's glowing, how did you do it." I told her about it and she is recommending it to her patients. I hope this product is around forever. This isn't a pitch to buy, but a testimonial to the fact that it worked for me. I'm so happy.