Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Am Rosacea Free!

I have been using Rosacea-LTD for just over 1 year. One year from starting the Rosacea-LTD conditioner I am Rosacea free! I follow the direction pretty close, however I do still consume my beloved coffee, and the occasional after dinner drink. I do drink plenty of water to keep my skin nice and hydrated.
Along with the discs I use Neutrogena soap as suggested, and Jojoba oil (only in dry months). This routine has allowed my skin to look better than it did before I had rosacea.
If you are reading this and you have any doubts about this product I will quote my 3 year old son. "Daddy your face is pink like mine." I might add that to have my 3 year old think my skin looks like his is a great feeling. He has a great complexion, and thanks to Bass & Boney, so do I.