Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sucessful Treatment Of Rosacea

I have never written to a company to praise their products before because most of the products I have used simple did not live up to the companies claims. I am a police officer and very skeptical of anything that sounds too good to be true. This was before I started using Rosacea ltd . I was diagnosed with rosacea about six years ago and during the next four years I saw two general practitioners and three dermatologists for my condition. I was given several topical medications and a number of oral antibiotics none of which were effective. If anything my condition became worse over the years. I had the typical horse shoe pattern on my forehead and cheeks of redness and bumps.
I then started looking for an alternative on the internet. I tried one so-called treatment that was little more than an Aloe Vera gel that cost over $180.00 and did nothing to treat my rosacea. I finally ran across the web site for Rosacea ltd  and decided to try one last product. After using the product for about 30 days my rosacea was now completely under control. The proof came when I visited my mother and she immediately stated that my face had cleared up. I no longer had the bumps and redness that were constantly on my face. I have now been using your product for nearly two years with excellent results. I now have to tell people I have rosacea because there are no outward signs.
Thank you for supplying a product that actually works.

William S.