Friday, September 15, 2006

Rosacea-Ltd: A Wonderful Product

I will add my praise to this wonderful product. My poor dad had terrible rosacea and looking at his skin just made you want to cry. When my rosacea started I was panicked. I treated it aggressively with whatever the docs gave me so that I wouldn't end up like my dad. Nothing worked, the redness got worse, the pimples and bumps started and I was feeling desperate. I went online frequently for info on this condition and saw the add for this treatment. I thought it was worth a try, especially since any kind of lotion seemed to make me break out worse than usual and this was not a lotion. I have been using Rosacea Ltd. for over 2 years now no one knows I even have rosacea any more. I am 45, overweight and - while I try to follow the other guidelines about water drinking, avoiding rosacea foods, stress, heat, etc. - I am not always successful. I do have stress, I do overeat, I do exercise and get flushed and sweaty and forget to drink extra water. BUT, I do my face regimen - Dove, Jojoba and RLtd - religiously, and that's the main thing it takes to keep my skin free of redness, bumps and breakouts. I use eye make up and lipstick but I have no need for concealers, powders, or foundation. I don't even use any wrinkle cream (yet!) and people actually compliment me on my skin - which amazes me. I look at photographs from before, with the stark red blotches around my nose, on my chin and forehead just standing out so vividly against my otherwise pale, sun-protected skin. I am so pleased and grateful that I found this product. The use of it is like second nature to me now, the cost is nothing like what I used to spend for treatment, and the results are so wonderful and encouraging - that'll reduce your stress right there!
You have nothing to lose in trying this treatment, I recommend it with all my heart.

Many Thanks,