Thursday, September 21, 2006

In Praise Of Rosacea-Ltd

Using Rosacea Ltd was a last-ditch attempt for find something that
worked for me, having tried several different treatments over the last
five years since I was diagnosed with rosacea.

The three month trial period has not yet ended but at this stage I can
definitely say that there has been a great improvement and I won't be
requesting my money back. I'm now so glad I took the risk.

Buying from the UK is a bit more complicated: it took a while to find out
where to get the cleansing bar and oil they recommend and I was also
unable to find out how much the import tax would be.

What the rosacea treatment has done for me is to remove all the sore red
lumps that were all over my face like a mask. My skin was so sensitive
that even water from the shower would make it bright red and raw. At
first when I was diagnosed with rosacea I took three month doses of
Doxycycline that cleared up the spots but which led to a much worse long
term health problem - my advice to anyone is, do not take antibiotics for
rosacea. I also tried topical Rosex cream, a Dermalux lamp and Chinese

I really followed the instructions from Rosacea Ltd to the word.
Especially the water-drinking. This was hard work at first but even that
alone really helped my skin. Making the transition from my usual routine
( I never used cleansing bars) made my skin worse for a while but it
gradually became used the the new routine and better for it. My skin is
now much smoother and some days I can look in the mirror and actually
think that I don't have rosacea. It has evened out the texture and taken
away the red spots. I still have overall redness but I am hoping that
after a few more months this will also go. The only small downside is
that I have now got dry flaky patches on my chin but this is a tradeoff I
am willing to bear!

But remember - follow the instructions exactly and you have to be
committed to the routine, particularly the water and diet recommendations.
Get yourself a recipe book about the pH diet and start avoiding acidic and
sugary foods that aggravate the heat in your face.

If you are unsure about whether to give it a go, I would say do it. Any
rosacea sufferer would say anything is worth a try for a normal-looking
face. I wish I had done it sooner!


V. West