Friday, November 04, 2005

When it Comes To Rosacea - Communication is the Key

A typical letter from a person after placing their order and before the receipt of their Rosacea-Ltd Order:
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From:Lee xxxxx
Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2005 12:04 PM
Subject: Order
I just submitted an order to you and wanted to add what might be of interest information. I run a very low temperature, compared to the normal 98.5. I am usually between 96 and 97.5. Also, I never get any more than approximately 6-1/2 hours of sleep unless I take a Unisom or a Flexeril (muscle relaxant).
Your website is SO informative; I can't thank you enough. It clarifies the need for eating the right foods, something that the doctor didn't explain.
I kept wondering why lima beans, for instance, was on the list of what not to eat.
Hi Lee,
Thanks for your Rosacea-Ltd Order which is being processed and shipped today.
The list is very short on our web site and will be replaced by a much more extensive list. Please re-read the "Cause" or "Etiology" of rosacea on our web site. There you will find that lima beans are 'acidic' or 'give gas' which is methane gas when our body becomes too acidic. Remember those little green apples when you were a little boy and had too many which finally resulted in diarrhea in the worst cases.
Yes, you will need some lima beans and other acids or you will not have the 'physical strength' or 'mental strength' to "plow through the day". However "too many acidic foods" of coffee, teas, wine or lima beans, etc. results in a person glittery, red faced rosacea sufferer or having a face, brain & body that is "too acidic" so we are trying to give you a "balance" and let you pick your 'combination' of brain and body foods and drinks to give you the strength and energy to go through the day and not be 'jittery' or unable to sleep at night without 'intoxicating your brain and body' with Unisom or Flexeril. So eat a breakfast and lunch of 'stimulating foods' without going over the top' and for dinner and thereafter eat alkaline foods & drinks for sleep as you do not have to 'plow the back forty acres' or 'do stimulating and energy absorbing work for your job' as "rest & sleep" is the agenda.
You will understand more with our "list of chemical foods and drinks" so be ready by re-reading the web site for the next two or three days...and then re-reading many times the Letter of Instructions again and again as we are "creatures of GOOD habits and creatures of Bad habits".
We have found that a low temperature of 96 to 97.5 to be 'normal for the rosacea sufferer'. The pre-frontal cortex of the brain gets less blood flow and resulting hypothalamus temperature control is not as effecting in regulating body heat and temperature with a resulting large blood flow to the facial area instead of the brain's executive lobe or pre-frontal cortex. We have worked on this for years and have found a 'pill' that helps considerably but do not have the money to take it through clinical trials with the FDA. However, for the time being, solve your facial problem with the correct foods and drinks for a healthier brain and body.
Regards & Health,
David Featherston