Thursday, November 03, 2005

David Pascoe Gives His Support To The NRS

From: David Pascoe
Date: Thu Nov 3, 2005 2:42 am
Subject: The NRS and the future of Rosacea Research

In a recent letter from the NRS, thanking the RRF supporters, Mr. Sam Huffhas revealed some interesting information about the NRS.

All donations from individuals, either via their web site, or via post are directed solely towards research funding. This has been the case for several years. The promotional and support activities of the NRS are funded from industry and other sources.

This means that everyone is able to directly fund rosacea research bydonating to the NRS.

The letter is here

One of the positive things to emerge of late is the dialogue between the RRF and the NRS. We have discovered that the NRS is indeed keen to expand its research funding program. Mr. Huff has also taken the opportunity to politely respond to public concerns about the operation of the NRS.

We all look forward to what the NRS and rosacea sufferers together can achieve. Please generously support the NRS now and into the future. It is only when rosacea sufferers decide to vote with their dollars that our future will be within our control.

--David Pascoe,