Thursday, November 17, 2005

Rosacea Had A Psychological Effect On My Life

A few months ago I didn't know I had rosacea. I thought it was all stress and alcohol related and there was nothing I could do other than chill-out big-time or jump on the wagon! I started TM which, by the way, is fantastic, but becoming tea-total wasn't appealing considering the pub-culture here in England.
I then searched the net and came to the conclusion I probably had rosacea. I ordered the discs and what fantastic results!! Markedly less burning and redness which has had incredible psychological benefits.
Now I realize the massive psychological effect it had on my life. It really did affect me and made me very obsessed with my facial appearance and the burning. This essentially made me shy, introspective and unhappy.
Now the concern has lessened considerably and I'm beginning to start living which is a tremendously liberating feeling.
Try this product, you've nothing to lose.
Thanks to B&B