Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The Rosacea Support Group is a no-cost, moderated, email group for rosacea sufferers to offer support to each other as a community of fellow rosacea sufferers who are willing to share their symptoms, and their successful and failed treatments.

The email group functions as an online rosacea self help group. The Rosacea Support Group was created as a e-mail support group for rosacea suffers to post to the rosacea forum, rosacea chat, or rosacea bulletin board. The Rosacea Support Group is for members to exchange information about rosacea symptoms and rosacea treatments that are listed as 'the stand of care' by physicians as well as other non prescribed medication over the counter or via the internet.

You will find the Rosacea Support Group and the Rosacea Support Posting Group a most interesting group to join if you have the time to chat. Or you will might find the list of HIGHLIGHTS to be helpful as a shorter course in rosacea education.

Enjoy the rosacea community!