Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rosacea Ltd III Successes

I also have used the Rosacea Ltd. Disks, for 2 years now, (I just received
the new and improved (texture & feel) version (IV)of the disks-very
smooth and creamy) with astounding success over all other creams,
antibiotics (oral and lotions) and gels I have had Rx's for, for the last
16 years. For me the disks have proved to be the
tonic my papules and pustules and itchy/burning /spidery veined skin
needed 2 years ago. For some it works fabulously-but you have to give it
several weeks of faithful, twice daily usage to see optimum results-and
then continue religiously thereafter. You will know long before the refund
time frame is up whether they will work for you or not.