Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rosacea-Ltd Cleared My Ocular Rosacea

I was skeptical about purchasing Rosacea LTD over the Internet. I was desperate since all the prescription products stop being effective treatments. It was well worth it. The regime at the beginning takes some getting used to but the water intake required, cleared up my ocular rosacea before I actually used the disks.

I visited my dermatologist and told her about the product and showed her the ingredients. She said I was the second person that day to have found them beneficial. She said to keep using it and see her back in one year for a check up!

Overall the cost of the disks, soap and oil is much less than all the prescriptions I used to purchase.

I encourage all those skeptical people to give Rosacea LTD a try. You will find it is well worth it, you won't believe the change in your skin's appearance.