Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Progress With Rosacea Steroid Withdrawal

Rosacea Ltd are the discs ( this website talks about the steroid withdrawal (no Rx necessary). When I ordered the discs I had to stop the steroids cold turkey, that was tough and I had a reaction to the Cetaphil Soap and my face did not agree too much with the jojoba oil but I pushed on and I am very pleased. I found the white disc to be better for me than the tan disc. I also had to use a Neutrogena bar instead of the Cetaphil but it seems to be working fine. I also used antibiotics to help with this process for the first couple of weeks, but now I am off those too!! I am very happy to say my face is quite manageable right now, as we all know something could set it off or cause a flare up but I feel this Rosacea Ltd disc is"stabilizing" my face. Oh also I had to start by putting the disc on my handsfirst and then applying to my face. Remember - try one thing at a time so you know what your face reacts too The topical steroids have weakened your face so let your face heal a bit which is what the initial instructions say for the Rosacea discs)