Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Results Of My Rosacea Research

I have had rosacea for several years and had little to no success with any of the prescribed medication from visits to several dermatologists. I tried Metro-Cream, Tetracycline, etc with no success.
I began my own research and discovered a company called Bass and Boney, Inc. who manufactures a topical rosacea medication called "rosacea Limited." I encourage, actually implore, anyone struggling with this problem to visit their web page at www.rosacea-ltd.com. This is by far the most effective treatment I have used. I often forget that I have rosacea at all. When I use it properly, virtually all of my symptoms vanish. The cost of treatment is very low as you will see when you visit their page.
I am in no way affiliated with this company or it's products, I saw your page and it's clear that you are sincere in striving to help people affected by this problem. I wish you much success in that effort. This product works.

Good Luck!