Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Finally I Found A Rosacea Treatment That Works!

I have been using Rosacea LTD and their prescribed cleansing and moisturizing regimen since Dec. 10, 2005. I must say, I was VERY skeptical about the product, I had done some rosacea research a few years ago searching for new products that won't irritate my skin and not aggravate my acne that coexists and seborrheic dermatitis with the rosacea (suffered from for YEARS!) and I ran across Rosacea LTD and said, "No way, that will never work...a disk?" So, moved on to trying other products that didn't work.
For the past 2.5 yrs I had been using an aloe-based cleansing regimen (all-natural, but very pricey) and it worked to sooth my skin, bring up blocked pores, etc. I also was spending a lot of $$$ on facials that involved micro-dermabrasion, did that for 2.5 yrs every 2-3 months, and the last time I had it done in Oct of 2005, my skin was SO irritated that I said to myself, "I can't do that again, my skin can't handle it!" So, as the summer of 2005 passed, I noticed my skin was getting redder and taking on a 'purple' hue and the blocked pores on my cheeks were getting worse...So, when the weather changed here in VA to cooler in late Oct to early Nov my skin went hay-wire! Started having massive irritation along with flushing episodes! It was irritated from the aloe products and it was itchy, red and I looked like HELL! :-(
So, once again, I went searching on the internet to find the right product to help me!!! I did find some acne products that were supposedly gentle enough for rosacea sufferers, but to my dismay, after a week or two of use, they just made my skin more irritated, dry, etc. The acne was clearing, but my skin and flushing episodes were getting worse! So, as a back-up, I also bought the Rosacea LTD, I had read EVERY feedback from the Web-Assured site (yes, every last one!) to make sure I was confident to start the product.
So, I started using the products, but didn't follow the directions and started using the disk on Day 1,2,3---MISTAKE! So, then said, well, this isn't working and went back to the other acne/rosacea products. So, after a week of using the other products, I said, "Well, this doesn't work either!" So, started using Rosacea LTD again w/ the Neutrogena bar and jojoba oil. This time, I didn't follow the directions again and started using the disk on Day 1,2,3---again, a MISTAKE! My skin was irritated and I was frustrated as hell b/c my skin looked bad, I was breaking out still and had redness...So, I said, "Okay, why don't you try it the RIGHT way, with how the Letter of Instructions says?"...and that's what I ultimately did b/c other options were not working and I was DESPERATE!
So, I started my Day 1 w/ the Neutrogena bar + jojoba oil following the directions exactly as written and my skin did start to take a 'turn' for the better before even using the disks--thank God! So, on Day 13 I called Bass & Boney and told them I was having dryness still and they said to start using the tan disk as prescribed at night-only for next 15 days. So, that's what I did.
So, its been a little over 2 months since I've been using the disk, I just started using the white disk, but go slow w/ both disks, at first I was using too much of the tan disk and my skin was irritated and dry, so I backed-off and made sure I was only applying light applications (gliding over skin for 2 seconds each side of face).
When I started using the white disk I had some dryness and irritation too, so I am VERY careful when applying that disk, just 1-second each side of face and I just touch the face for now, no gliding until my skin becomes accustomed to it.
So, I LOVE this product and will sing its praises to any rosacea, acne or seborrheic dermatitis sufferers. For YEARS and I mean YEARS I went from product to product...having to deal w/: this one controlled the acne, but inflamed the rosacea (which wasn't diagnosed as rosacea until 7 yrs into this battle w/ my skin sensitivities & acne). So, now that I'm 33, my skin is even more sensitive and dry/oily. This product and the cleansing process is great, not to mention I am saving approximately around $800-$1000 or more annually on facial products, needless facials, etc.
Immediately after using the cleaning process my skin b/c smoother, less rough, less flaking, etc. Initially, and its still occurring, I did have quit a few acne/postule breakouts on my chin, but they are subsiding, I had so much dirt and oil trapped in my skin in that area (for 10+yrs) that finally its able to come up to the surface and me be RID of it for good! The breakouts aren't pretty, but once they've surfaced, the don't return.
Now my skin has a few breakouts here and there, my skin is softer and I am saving so much $$$ that I can apply elsewhere to other things in my life...I've wasted thousands of $$$ in the last 13 yrs on trying to find facial products that work for me---FINALLY, I'VE FOUND IT! PLEASE never stop making this product!