Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Results With Rosacea-Ltd

I've had Rosacea for approximately 23 years and had been able to control it well for many years with Minocycline, but along with many other substances, I became reactive towards it some time ago and had to give it up. A red face covered with sores, painful blisters and chronic rough skin with scabs resulted.
Before I did anything else, I gave the dermatologist another couple of visits, where I was given Finacea, first. I reacted to it a little more than I felt comfortable with (I'll address that later). Then I was given Clindamycin (sp), but before I used it, I read about it sometimes causing bloody diarrhea and possible fatal colitis, so I bailed out immediately -- I've had chronic diarrhea for fifteen years, and I didn't feel like a good candidate. I have a history that makes me wary.
I had already sent off for the Rosacea Ltd "cake" (bar?), so a few weeks ago I began using it twice daily, following the recommended twice-daily cleaning with Dove soap, and one-drop of Jojoba oil spread over my face.
Conclusion? This stuff is really working for me. My forehead now feels and looks like someone else's -- I can't believe it's mine. It was always so sore I could barely stand to touch it, let alone wash it. I had scabs continuously in my eyebrows. Right now it is completely clear and smooth and no longer hurts. The left side of my face is normally covered with large, reddish-purple, burning blisters -- I don't know the technical terms. They'd never gone away since I quit the Minocycline -- but they're gone, now. My nose stayed purple all the time, and would get big, ugly sores on it (so attractive!) -- it's clear, now.
There were four days -- when I was feeling very sick for some days, and I half-suspected the Rosacea Ltd cake -- that I quit using it -- and within four days my forehead was covered in sores again. I then figured out that it probably wasn't the cake that was bothering me, so re-started using it -- all clear again. Normally my face peeled so badly I would sit at night and scrape the skin off -- now it's smooth. Such a little thing -- so wonderful!