Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rosacea-Ltd Treatment Results

Dear Bass & Boney,

 I wanted to thank you for your time in skill in developing
 the Rosacea LTD III program. I had trouble skin as a
 youth. However, no dermatologist correctly diagnosed me as
a rosacean and consequently prescribed topical medicine such
as Retin-A that made my skin flare even worse. Luckily I
controlled it through college and law school but due to
another misdiagnosis and application of a bad ointment my
 rosacea reappeared at the worse possible time. I was a
 newly admitted lawyer whose appearance was very important.
 I learned of your program then and was able to nullify most
 of the adverse affects within months. I think I discarded
 my discs after a year or so and moved to a simple regime of
 cetaphil and Purpose lotion with SPF 15.

 I am 34 now and had mostly forgotten about any special care
 for my skin save for using cetaphil soap and Purpose
 lotion. I was not satisfied with the overall look of my
 skin but knew it could be much worse. Well, after some
 simple mistakes to what I already was doing wrong, my
 rosacea came back in full force. I immediately went to
 your website to see what I was doing wrong. It turns out
that I was using the wrong cetaphil. I also learned that
my trusty Purpose contained a chemical sunscreen which makes
it worse. I also was using a Neutrogena sunscreen full of
chemical compounds when I would tan or go to the
 beach. My PH and alkaline levels were also way off due to
a poor diet.

 I ordered your product, changed soaps, moved to jojoba oil
and increased the alkaline intake through diet and water
 intake. I am amazed at the transformation in only one
week. I should point out my rosacea is not as bad as
 most. However, it made me very self conscious and my
overall confidence was very low. My new diet and skin care
 habits have changed all that. Bass & Boney saved me
when I was 24 and yet again at 34. I can not stress enough
 the importance of reading the directions and the information
on the website over and over again. I can honestly say
that I would have paid any amount of money to achieve the
results I have already received. $98.00 is truly a
steal. Thank you so much and if there is anything I can do
 to help others who are using your system, please don't
hesitate to contact me. I am eternally grateful.


 Jason T.

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