Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rosacea-Ltd : Fantastic Rosacea Product

Good evening, this is my third purchase of your fantastic rosacea product, i really hope your business is running fine because i admit i would be stuck without this amazing bit of kit you have made.

I thank you dearly for that alone!

To complete my order could i possibly just have 2 of the white discs as i find these work best for me.

My mild acne (around my nose) is clearing very nicely indeed with no bad things to report to your research team at all. I also have mild rosacea around my nose area, this was due to excessive sun damage which is also clearing nicely. I have taken all the advice in this website with great interest and amazement, has changed my life for the better and have also managed to pass on this new knowledge for the good of others.

Once again, i thank you, all the best.


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