Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I just wanted to write a short letter letting you guys know what a great product you have and how it has changed my life. This is my third or fouth order of the rosacea ltd discs and i have been using them for probably 3 years know. Before using this product inconjuction with jojaba oil, i struggled severely with flushed, red skin and moderate acne. I couldnt treat the acne because it flared my rosacea up. And i couldnt treat the rosacea because my acne would flareup even worse. Immediately after using your product for the first time my face resisted "flushing." It was like a miracle product. The sulfur in the discs also worked beautifully to stop my acne. I no longer had a complex routine to get my face treated every morning or night. Simply washed with cetaphil, rubbed on jojaba oil wet, and glided discs over my face. After 3 years my face is still looking great, and people dont believe that I EVER had such bad rosacea. This is coming from someone who battled with this for years and was at my wits end. I thought i would never find something so effective and easy to use. I love your product and I hope you guys always remain to sell it. Thank you guys so much!


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