Thursday, August 19, 2010

Introducing Rosacea-Ltd IV

As a result of continuing research and development Rosacea-Ltd III has been enhanced to Rosacea-Ltd IV which is smoother and more superior in performance. In testing since last September, Rosacea-Ltd IV has been found to be is notably better than the Rosacea-Ltd III.

Depending upon when you discovered a better more natural method of treating your rosacea, whether is was Rosacea-Ltd I (which was sold from 1997- 2000), or Rosacea-Ltd II (sold from 2001-2003), or Rosacea-Ltd III (sold from 2003 - 2010) prior to starting the improved 4th generation of Rosacea-Ltd IV. You will find that Rosacea-Ltd IV is smoother and more efficient on the skin for the same price of $98.00 U.S.

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