Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rosacea Treatment

We all strive for a more youthful appearance. This can’t be achieved at the surface; it must be done within the deeper layers of the skin. This can only be accomplished through proper hydration of the body, as our skin is our body’s largest organ. Increasing your water intake will provide a lasting, more youthful appearance and as a side benefit, increasing the moisture in your skin will reduce the facial redness and reduce the oily areas of the skin. Your skin will produce more oil, as a protective barrier to hold in moisture when the skin is too dry.

Rosacea patients by the very factors associated with treating rosacea often find that the treatments prescribed can be drying or irritating to the skin. Laser therapies remove layers of the skin and expose the underlying skin to the abusive elements of the outside environment without adequate adjustment time causing the skin to dry out and wrinkle further.

As we attempt to re-hydrate, re-energize and renew the skin we must pay attention to how we accomplish hydration. Coffees, teas and sodas containing caffeine are not the answer. Caffeine will further dehydrate the skin giving fine lines and wrinkles a more pronounced definition. Caffeine will also constrict the blood vessels giving the skin a tighter more strained and tired looking appearance. If you have rosacea flushing, and spider veins, the caffeine will make the capillaries of the facial skin more noticeable and prominent. If you are dealing with acne or rosacea papules dehydrating the skin through anti-aging creams or caffeine will prevent the pores from opening up to flush out the toxins, or bacteria to clean the skin.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and as such is the first to show the results of neglect or abuse. No matter, which anti aging skin care products you try, your skin knows the truth. In reality while it may appear to help for a while, plumping up nicely to give the appearance of looking younger, more even, and less lined, this is only a temporary, somewhat cosmetic ruse. It is actually a biological trick of the light as any make-up trick can prove.

Our skin serves the body as a guard against the invisible tide of micro-organisms that seek to infiltrate our body's first defense against disease and infection. This complex array of cells regenerates and shed every month, within the constraints of age and the quality of our diet. Our skin acts as a protective barrier between our body and the outside world. Often barely nourished despite the money spent on technological promises, we still hope for the solution in a bottle to all our problems. There is a way to slow the process of aging. But not by applying high tech anti aging creams. By understanding exactly what our skin is, we can find better ways of giving it what it needs. And consequently, we will find ourselves with what we want - more youthful skin.

Moisturizers achieve their temporary effect by trapping water already in the skin. They essentially act as a seal; they do not provide additional water or 'moisture'. How can we provide additional moisture to our skin? The solution is so basic but also so unprofitable to the cosmetic industry – drink more water. Hydrate the skin by hydrating the body. We’ve become a society of soda drinkers and coffee and tea drinkers and these beverages are diuretics robbing the skin of much needed moisture and hydration.

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