Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My Face Looks Great With Rosacea-Ltd!

I used the Rosacea LTD-IV under my regular foundation for the last 3 nights. I'm happy to say that after 3 long nights under the casino lights and secondhand smoke, that my face looks great. i had no itchy, greasy feeling at all. And i came home without any rosacea blisters and only minor other small blemishes..and no redness and no inflammation. I've even been on claritin, and antihistamine...which for me usually causes some blisters on the cheek area right next to my nose. AND NOTHING THERE NOW ! I'm still hoping the other shoe will not drop and I'll wake up all spotted and etc. i have no idea why this stuff works...and if it keeps working it can stay a mystery to me forever...good luck to all. Emily