Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Rosacea-Ltd is Fabulous!

This product AND the information provided
in your website is fabulous! This is my second time to order your Rosacea-Ltd product.
I can't say enough good things, or thank you enough, for this rosacea product. You
have made me very aware of the need to drink a lot of water and eat my
fruits and veges daily. When I neglect to do these things, the ocular
rosacea returns..even if I use your product. I've learned my lesson thanks
to you! I was rather skeptical about using the jojoba oil on my face as
other "oils" historically caused my face to break out. But the jojoba oil
doesn't. I use it exclusively now on my face and eyelids in place of
expensive under eye creams. I also use it in place of body lotion. I plan
to inform my dermatologist AND ophthalmologist about your product on my next
visit. Thanks again! Susan Z.

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